So.. house hunting is one of the most frustrating things on the planet!

For those of you that know me personally, you know I have a disabled husband (whom I also take care of) and that we’ve been fighting social security for disability benefits for three (possibly more) years (it’s been so long, I’ve lost count). Well, this year he FINALLY won, and now we can begin his road to recovery! That road begins with house hunting for a larger place that our family will be comfortable in. Not TOO comfortable, we don’t need to live outside of our means, just something a bit bigger than the current crackerjack box we currently reside in.

Before he became disabled, TJ was a truck driver (I was a stay at home Mum – I now work outside the home). At the time, we lived in a decent sized two bdrm one and a half bath town home. It was mostly the lads, our one furbaby and I alone in that big place unless the mister was in town, which wasn’t often as he was constantly on the road. It was just too large for us, so we moved into a smaller (two bdrm, one bath) apartment. It was fine until TJ became disabled and came home, which is when we realised living in a tuna can with giants (he is around 6’3” and the oldest is probably around 5’9”, if not taller) and three furbabies (plus the random family that stay with us) is no bueno.

Flash forward to house hunting… cue angry and frustrated Sinai.

Firstly, for what we want – which is nothing too crazy; just a three (two if we can’t find something in our price range) bdrm with two baths (you try fighting a houseful of boys over one bathroom) and preferably a backyard (because the mister would like a service animal/furbaby of his own) – we’d have to make two to three times the rent AND be able to afford $1200 per month (that’s just monthly base rent). People that make two to three times the rent are most likely not renting, they’re buying, so wot in tarnation are management companies thinking!? We’ve found a few places, within our price range, which we’re hoping aren’t occupied by the time we’re ready to move in August. Unfortunately, they’re mostly two bdrm apartments and not stand alone houses, like we wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m immensely grateful we’ve gotten far enough in life to move somewhere nice as there was once a time we were homeless. We were just hopeful we’d be able to live in a home, even if it were a small home. It’s just frustrating trying to find somewhere with everything we want within our budget, that’s actually decent. I can even deal with semi-decent, as long as I never have to use a public laundromat again.

So, here’s to hoping we find a great place by the time Aug. rolls around. Here’s to also hoping they invent trees that grow money within the near future (come on, science, you can do it!), because I know some of us could really use that. Cheers. ✌️

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