She’s Alive!

That I am. I also suck at keeping up with this blog… So if you’ve actually read this thing or liked my Facebook page dispite the lack of updates… THANK YOU, YOU ABSOLUTE AMAZING HOOMAN! 🖤

It’s been about 8 months since my last post and LOADS has happened….

We never found a house to rent and instead decided to transfer to a renovated apt in the same complex. It’s right around the corner from our last unit actually! It’s got a washer and dryer, so that was the deciding factor. I mostly didn’t want to live in the same place anymore or continue to dust cat fur from the walls, so that was also a deciding factor. Don’t judge, I’m actually a really clean person.. But I’ve also got depression and had garbage roommates in a tiny apt for a while, who didn’t clean at all, so I gave up cleaning up after them.

We’ve lived in the same complex for over five years now and we have finally unpacked and bought furniture! We’ve always had second hand couches and whatnot, but now we’ve got desks and bookcases. That’s HUGE for us as we’ve moved around a lot throughout our lives. To have an actual home (especially for our lads), whilst not the best place, is something I’ve wanted for a long time. We’ve come a long way from being homeless in Minnesota.

I think the biggest thing that kept me from updating was my utter heartbreak over having to leave Rawhide.

For over a year and a half that place was my home, and my co-workers became my extended family. I get shit for it but I absolutely loved that place, I still do. It changed me. I was loved and accepted for the passionate weirdo that I am. I wasn’t ridiculed for being too this or too that. My anxiety and depression went away for the most part, and I became MYSELF. It was hard saying goodbye but Saffron Shelby (my town name and probably other personality at this point), and the person I became, will always be a part of me.

Sadly, it’s now closed regularly, except to special events and concerts. I also, which guts me to admit, had to find something with higher pay. To me the people I work with is what makes the job worthwhile. Unfortunately, the cost of living won this time around.

August to now was a weird and stressful time, especially for my hair. I went from dying my nearly waist length hair blonde…

To cutting most of it off.

Then came the purple with an undercut.

Once that faded I went back to Saffron’s signature ginge…

It’s currently dark violet but I’m not posting any more photos because I’m sure you’re tired of seeing my ugly mug!

Shortly after cutting my hair, I was hired at a new job. Assimilating to somewhere new absolutely SUCKED!

When I first started working there the turnaround was bonkers, which made me feel like I was just passing through. Stress was unbelievable as it’s hard being berated by awful people day in and day out. I also ended up having bronchitis twice in one month as I have the immune system of a new born child and seemingly everyone there was sick with something.

But I persevered through all the mental torture, as I usually do!

Seven months later and I’ve found my groove, have an amazing TL, get great numbers (which means I’m good at what I do based on how well they score my calls), and have a pretty okay team. I’m dead to people’s nonsense whining and the almost daily beratement (is that even a word?) doesn’t bother me much anymore. It’s not Rawhide, but it’s not as miserable as it used to be.

I don’t get to spend nearly as much time as I’d like with family and friends, but life’s not terrible. For that I’m grateful.

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